Personal Training

Jill Ahlschwede

“I have immersed myself in the fitness industry for more than 32 years. My career involved conditioning football and basketball teams, pilates and group fitness instruction, and competitive bodybuilding, placing 1st in Texas NPC competitions. As an NASM CPT, my passion involves the total person concept of resistance training, nutrition, and overall wellness by creating a comfortable, safe, and encouraging atmosphere for my clients. No matter what your goal is, I can help you reach it…so let’s hit the gym.”


Dessire Armstrong

“I have an undeniable love for food and a passion for healthy living. I believe in a diet that consists mostly of unprocessed, whole foods, but also with indulgences. Although my Bachelor’s is in Nutrition, exercise is just as important for living optimally. In 2011, I decided to get my NCSF personal training certification so I could pair the two professions in order to educate balance to my clients.”


Cody Brotherton

“This past year I won US Masters National Championship in the shot put and I am currently training and coaching the throwers at McMurry University. I got into training after losing 85 pounds which got me off blood pressure and anxiety meds. I am passionate about helping people transform their lives through nutrition and fitness. I am an ACE certified personal trainer and Level 1 Precision Nutrition coach. I specialize in strength training for weight loss and sports performance.”


Joel DePorte

“I am from Fremont, California. I came to Abilene to play baseball at McMurry University and earn my kinesiology degree. Weight lifting began at 18 in junior college and I haven’t stopped since. Keeping a healthy rotator cuff has been a priority over the years, especially after neglecting the shoulder for an extended period of time. Mobility and athleticism have always been a factor in training. Be an athlete. Control the weight and your body through space.”


Kaleb Hellums

“I have been personal training for 5 years, and I specialize in strength training, weight loss, and overall fitness management. My fitness journey began in my early teens and has been a major driver for me becoming a personal trainer. I enjoy helping people reach their fitness goals, no matter how big or small they may seem!”


Robert Johnson

"I have been training in Abilene for 2 years. In that time I have enjoyed working with a vast array of people; from rehabbing clients post injury/surgery, to top level athletes, and everything in between. I graduated from ACU with a BS in Kinesiology and I am currently a graduate student in Kinesiology at HSU. I am certified as a strength and conditioning specialist, bio-mechanics specialist, and a personal trainer."

Hannah Mallory


Hannah recently received her personal training certification and is thrilled to help anyone on their fitness journey. One of the things she loves about fitness is the mental aspect of it. She thinks that physical fitness can improve your overall mental strength and well-being, as well as your physique. Contact Hannah to get started on your goals today!

Riley Rodriguez

“I am a trainer, athlete, podcast host, Big Country native, and a fitness junkie. I am constantly looking for new ways to better myself and my craft to help my clients. I work with everyone, from young athletes to seniors. Contact me and let me help you get an edge on reaching your goals!”


LaVeda Scott

“I am certified by ISSA in Personal Training, Sports Performance Nutrition, Senior Adult Fitness, and just recently certified as an Exercise Therapist. I have over 30 years training experience in weight training and nutrition.”


Chanan Siglock

“I have always been an athlete that began during my school years. I have been a certified personal trainer since 2009, as well as a 5x nationally qualified bikini competitor that has now been competing as an IFBB Bikini Pro since June 2015. I live to inspire others to live the same healthy lifestyle I do. I stay busy with bootcamps, one-on-one clients, bikini preps for other clients, and managing mine and my husband’s business, CrossFit 325.”


Jeremy Siglock

“I am the head coach and box owner at Crossfit 325. I worked as a manager at the Dyess AFB for 5 years and decided to join my wife, Chanan Siglock, to pursue her business, which now has grown to be a successful CrossFit gym. I am a certified Olympic Weightlifting coach and CFL1 coach. Working out was something Chanan and I always enjoyed doing together. I now have taken something we love and made it into something that is a part of our daily lives.”


Cy Wilson

Cy is a USAW certified personal trainer, speed and strength coach, and competivive athlete across disciplines ranging from college football, adventure racing, and strongman competitions. His training has been developed from 10+ years of writing and developing sports specific programming, extensive exposure training across sports, and living the life of an athlete. Being a personal trainer is his way of honoring the mentors he had that helped him along the way, and sharing the person of Jesus to all who will listen.


Jordan Zumwalt

“My whole life I’ve always been physically active and lifted weights to help me be more competitive, whether it was in sports or the military. Since I’ve become a trainer, I’ve used my experience and education to design personalized workout and nutrition programs specific to each individual and their personal goals. Even my barbell club gets to enjoy the benefits of my ability to tailor sustainable plans at a group training price. I also own an online training business if you ever need help designing a plan.”