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All of our classes are completely free to members. 
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The Dive Spot Inc.

Two words: POOL ACCESS. 
Okay, that is not all we have to say. We have partnered with the Dive Spot in Abilene to get all of our members access to their pool, outdoor basketball court, and sand volleyball!! This is all FREE to members. Ask us about details.

Coffee & Smoothie Bar

Who are we kidding? We are all workout junkie, health conscious, caffeine addicts. This is why @themacrobarista, partnered with us to help us design our very own coffee shop at all of our locations. What makes our coffee different from other coffee shops besides being designed by somebody super instagram famous? We can make your favorite high calorie, high sugar, fat bomb coffee favorites into a low calorie, delicious masterpiece that will leave you in disbelief of how low calorie your drink is! We offer hot/cold coffees, protein shakes, hot/iced teas, seasonal specialties, and the best cold brew you will ever taste. Let us help you stay cAFfeinated
Meal Prep
Being healthy is hard. Cooking is hard. The dry chicken in your Tupperware bowl is hard. Let us take care of that for you.
We have a fully operational commercial kitchen with a gourmet chef whom cooks macro friendly meals just for you! All you have to do is place an order with us and we will make them for you! Ask about what our menu holds.