About Us

Firehouse Fitness is Abilene’s premier neighborhood gym. Since we are a locally owned gym, we have the flexibility to to utilize our center as we see fit. We are unique in that we cater to the general gym go-er, the bodybuilder, the powerlifter, and the strongman. Our equipment selection is top-notch to allow our members to reach their fitness goals in a safe, fun, versatile way. The best thing about our gym, though, are the members. We pride ourselves in creating a welcoming, friendly atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. 


Our first location, seen above, was originally a fire station in the 1950's. It serviced the Old Elmwood neighborhood in Abilene, TX. It had been vacant for more than a year and we decided it would make a very unique neighborhood gym. Since opening, we have been recognized in many online publications awarding us with titles such as gym of the month, one of the 12 bucket list gyms to train at, as well as one of the top gyms in America, even as far to be called top 10 best fitness centers in the world.